Maggie Dove

Maggie Dove

By Susan Breen

  • Release Date : 2016-06-14
  • Genre : Cozy
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Score: 4.5
From 23 Ratings
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Maggie Dove Susan Breen introduces a charming new series heroine in this poignant and absorbing cozy mystery with a bite. Maggie Dove thinks everyone in her small Westchester County community knows everyone else’s secrets. Then murder comes to town.
When Sunday School teacher Maggie Dove finds her hateful next-door neighbor Marcus Bender lying dead under her beloved oak tree—the one he demanded she cut down—she figures the man dropped dead of a mean heart. But Marcus was murdered, and the prime suspect is a young man Maggie loves like a son. Peter Nelson was the worst of Maggie’s Sunday School students; he was also her late daughter’s fiancé, and he’s been a devoted friend to Maggie in the years since her daughter’s death.
Maggie can’t lose Peter, too. So she sets out to find the real murderer. To do that, she must move past the grief that has immobilized her all these years. She must probe the hidden corners of her little village on the Hudson River. And, when another death strikes even closer to home, Maggie must find the courage to defend the people and the town she loves—even if it kills her., maggie dove, maggie dove's detective agency, maggie dove susan breen, maggie dove sofa, maggie lonesome dove, maggie charron dover ma, maggie schneider dover nh, maggie scarborough dover de, maggie tilton lonesome dove, maggie q dove vive


  • Maggie Dove

    By Ciarathecool
    Really good book love it
  • Maggie Dove Mystery

    By HeatherCap
    A new series by Susan Breen. An unexpected murder occurs next door to Maggie Dove, a Sunday school teacher. She gets involved when a good friend is accused of the murder. After another murder strikes Maggie sets out to find out who is killing the people of her town, maybe even at her own cost! This book was given to me to read for free by house party/ chatterbox in exchange for an honest review.
  • Maggie Dove

    By Anastasia73
    Maggie Dove is an interesting read. The story starts sour a bit slow. Maggie is a woman who lives a quiet, boring life in a small Ny town. Maggie who was once a great mystery writer gets writers block after the sudden tragic death of her daughter A great mystery presents itself when Maggie's neighbor is found dead on her lawn. The deceased is hated by many in the town including Maggie. Will Maggie be able to use her detective skills to solve the murder mystery? Read this book as it takes Maggie on a path of discovery to reclaim her life and to solve the mystery who killed her neighbor. I received this book complimentary from #RHMystery by Houseparty for my honest review of the book
  • Cranky woman needs bigger mystery

    By Madlindz
    To start off, I want to mention I received a free copy of this from Random House in exchange for an honest review. This story centers around Maggie Dove, and old, crotchety woman who was a mystery writer once upon a time. She wants desperately not to be cranky, but has a hard time holding it in. A fate that probably will affect us all as we get older, but I digress. The story is centered around murders that have happened in Maggie Dove's town (and by her tree), and her jumping in to find the killer. This story is definitely a cozy mystery, but it leaves some of the mystery behind. I enjoyed the gentle story of Maggie; however, I usually look for a little more "meat" in my mysteries. I see the potential for this to be a great series, now that we've gotten Maggie's backstory. I would be willing to read the next book, as I like the Maggie character, however, in order for this to be a great mystery series, there needs to be a little more focus on the mystery itself.
  • Ehhhhhh

    By Tiggerchicky
    I didn't love this book. I wanted too, but I just couldn't. The story was slow, which is hard to keep my attention. I put the book down several times and almost didn't pick it back up. If it wasn't for the fact that I needed to read it in order to review it, I would not have finished it. Maggie Dove seems like a likable enough character, but the writing of the book was a little scattered. At times, I found it difficult to see where I was in the story. I won't seek out another book in this series. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Random House and Chatterbox in exchange for my honest opinion.
  • Fun read

    By Laydylynx
    This is exactly the type of fun read that I needed while on our beach vacation. I won't go into the plot because you can read that in the description. I will say the main character was relatable, the plot was written at a great pace, and the overall story was on point. Can't wait to read more in this series. Disclosure: I received a review copy for free from Random House Chatter Box. All opinions are my own.
  • Just ok

    By Resrchchic
    I received a complimentary download of Maggie Dove from House Party/Chatterbox/Netgalley/Random House in exchange for an honest review. I can't quite put my finger on what I didn't like about this book. I didn't hate it, it was just...ok. To me the writing was a little slow, and I knew about a quarter of the way into the book exactly what was going to happen. I read another book recently by another author that was 90% the same characters and plot. Perhaps this was my annoyance? I felt like a lot of the descriptions were repetitive, and sometimes things didn't quite make sense. The wrap up was predictable for me as far as the main story, but there were still many questions left unanswered. It just seemed like there were too many characters with too many quirks, and things meandered around a lot rather than being kept tightly together. Overall it was ok, but I wouldn't seek out any books by this author in the future.
  • A great quick mystery

    By Ash0802
    Maggie Dove, the local Sunday school teacher, hates her neighbor Bender. He wants ther to move her beloved Oak tree so that the can paint an unobstructed picture of the Hudson River from his studio in his house. Maggie and Bender have had several exchanges about the tree which abruptly come to an end when she finds him dead under it. Maggie's friend Peter, a policeman, arrives on the scene and convinces Maggie that a heart attack killed Bender. When it is found out that it was actually a drug overdose that the police think was foul play, that is when this previous mystery writer starts sleuthing. Another death with the same overdose then hits close to home for Maggie and she is now trying to figure out the connection. Then a third death makes her certain that it is all related. Maggie is learning a lot about people she has known her whole life whice investigating the deaths, it seems even more than the police are investigating. All the while her friend Peter seems linked to the deaths, but Maggie knows he could not have done it, which makes her work even harder to find the killer. I really enjoyed this book by Susan Breen. It was a very easy read that kept you turning the page all the way to the very end. I actually had no idea who the killer was till the very end. I received a copy of this novel from Random House Monthly Mystery in exchange for my honest opinion of the book. #RHMysteryPack #Sponsored
  • Great New Series!

    By Vulnadia
    This is a great new series by Susan Breen. When Sunday school teacher Maggie Dove finds her hateful next-door neighbor Marcus Bender lying dead under her beloved oak tree (the one he demanded she cut down) She figures the man dropped dead of a mean heart. But Marcus was murdered, and the prime suspect is a young man Maggie loves like a son. Maggie decides to put her sleuthing skills to the test to find the real killer. This is a great book with a wonderful story and well developed characters. This book will keep you reading long into the night. If you are looking for a great book, then you need to read this book. I am looking forward to reading the next book by this great author. I received a free copy of the novel in return for my honest opinion.
  • Great New Series

    By Psoccerdog15
    This cozy is a breath of fresh air. I enjoyed the storyline and characters in the small town of West Chester,NY. Loved the undertones of hope and friendship above all else throughout the book. I also really enjoyed the Christian based themes that were cleverly placed in this story. Maggie Dove hasn't had it easy. Her daughter pasted away 20 years ago and she has been on hold since. She does have wonderful friends that are there to support her like Winifred who used to be her neighbor and Peter Nelson. Peter is the Assistant Chief of Police for the village of Darby-on-Hudson who was her daughters best friend and love of her life. Winifred her other friend now lives in a nursing facility due to progressive Parkinson's. They are always there to lend an ear. Especially since Maggie has Marcus Bender (Satan) as a neighbor. Marcus is out for one person and that is Maggie because her beloved Oak tree blocks his view of the Hudson River. She finds poison under the tree and goes to confront him. She has been a Sunday School teacher for 30 years but this man is pushing her buttons. After leaving his house she tries to stay awake to make sure he doesn't come back but sadly falls asleep. Next thing she knows she sees something under the tree and finds that it is Marcus DEAD!!! Things go from bad to worse when they find out he was poisoned! Who and why would someone do this? Peter is determined to help Maggie until things go topsy turvy and Peter becomes the prime suspect. Maggie will do anything for Peter because he has always been like a son to her. Will she be able to help before she becomes the next victim??? I recieved this book from NetGalley for an honest review.