Greek and Roman Mythology

Greek and Roman Mythology

By MobileReference

  • Release Date : 2010-01-01
  • Genre : Europe
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Greek and Roman Mythology History, Art, Reference. Heracles, Zeus, Jupiter, Juno, Apollo, Venus, Cyclops, Titans. 

Learn more about Greek and Roman Mythology with this comprehensive and fully illustrated book.


Ancient Greece: Overview | Art | Greek Mythology | Ancient Rome: Overview | Religion | Etruscan Mythology | Art | Roman Mythology | Romulus and Remus

Greek Gods: Overview | Twelve 

Olympians: Apollo | Ares | Artemis | Aphrodite | Athena | Demeter | Dionysus | Hades | Helios | Hephaestus | Hera | Hermes | Persephone | Poseidon | Hestia | Hebe | Zeus | Primordial Gods

Greek Gods, Heros & Creatures: Asclepius | Orpheus | Achilles | Pan | Nymph | Siren | Prometheus | Medea | Muse | Amazons | Centaur | Minotaur | Gorgon | Satyr | Cyclops | Titans

Roman Gods: Fortuna | Faunus | Jupiter | Venus | Ceres | Neptune | Cupid | Diana | Janus | Juno | Mars | Mercury | Minerva | Pluto | Saturn | Vesta | Vulcan | Apollo | Bacchus

Heracles: Overview | Twelve 

Labours: Nemean Lion | Ceryneian Hind | Erymanthian Boar | Augeas | Stymphalian Birds | Cretan Bull | Mares of Diomedes | Hippolyta | Geryon | Hesperides | Cerberus | Lernaean Hydra

Poems: Homeric Hymns | Theogony | Cyclops | Iliad | Odyssey | Argonautica | Medea


  • Copied and pasted from Wikipedia

    By whiskeysquared
    If you're on the hunt for a researched guide on Greek mythology this isn't exactly it. While this may, at first, seem to be informative, it is nothing more than an ebook form of the Wikipedia entry on Greek mythology. The "producer" of this ebook isn't attempting to obfuscate that fact however and clearly cites Wikipedia as the source for the work, but really it's the exact same material, word for word... So unless you don't want to visit the wiki site for free, or really want this in an ebook format (and can't be bothered to make it yourself) don't waste your money.
  • For all mythology lovers

    By Paul Longfellow
    As a student, I have found this book extremely handy. I'm doing a research project, and having all of the classic myths neatly organized into one volume makes it very convenient. I started out by Googling each myth and character separately, but it quickly became too tedious. I have also lent my iPad to my father, who is an avid reader and writer, and he was quite impressed with this collection. I feel that everybody could take something away from these myths.
  • Highly recommended

    By J. Norton
    This ebook is an excellent source for understanding and appreciating the legends and myths of ancient Greece and Rome. Well researched, the ebook reviews the fables in clear, simple prose. While I have not finished reading it yet, I am thoroughly enjoying it. An outstanding nightly read. Just a few stories at a time will suffice, and you will delight in the endeavor for many a month. An excellent source for students, writers or the casual reader interested in classic mythology.