Brindle's Odyssey

Brindle's Odyssey

By Nicholas Antinozzi

  • Release Date : 2010-08-14
  • Genre : Theater
  • FIle Size : 0.30 MB
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Brindle's Odyssey When Huckleberry Brindle is hired to demolish the old Soliah Home, he has no idea what he is up against. The house refuses to go silently into the night and it claims Brindle's crew in the process. As if things weren't bad enough, Huck meets the long-dead owner of the house, Barnabus Soliah, who has cloven hoofs and claims to be Huck's grandfather.

Soliah made a name for himself during the Indian Wars and he explains to Huck that his war is far from over. Soliah and his brigade of ghostly soldiers are set on finishing what they originally set out to do, which is to avenge their defeat at the Battle of Sugar Point, the last battle of the Indian Wars. Soliah makes a deal with Huck, if he agrees to fight alongside him and his men, Soliah will release Huck's crew from their horrible prison in purgatory.

Five years pass and on a hot summer afternoon, Huck finds himself staring into the face of an old Ojibwe Indian, named Odd Whitefeather. He too claims to be Huck's grandfather. He also explains that there is much to do and very little time to waste. Huck soon learns that this is no ordinary fellow, Odd Whitefeather is a powerful Medicine Man. Huck also suspects that he might be a little bit crazy.

Odd Whitefeather summons the spirits of his own grandfather, Crooked Walker, and that of his grandfather's grandfather, the ancient one known as Dog Breath. They are both hard men with powerful magic of their own. The three of them must teach Huck the ways of the Ojibwe so that they can defeat Soliah. Huck will travel back in time and there he will meet his wife, Man Killer. The problem is that he must return to his own time, and she can't follow.

Huck will be tried many times over and will be forced to endure things that cause him to pray for death. He is joined on his quest by Odd Whitefeather's friends in the forest. The beasts can speak here, and together they set off on an epic journey like no other.