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  • Unable to purchase / download

    By tigsobango
    Costly, no bed-time reading of 2112 while listening to the album! Otherwise I'm sure I'd be giving it 4-5 stars :)
  • Awesome

    By MarcosEsquandola
    Absolutely brilliant comic and iBook. Love the feature to see black & white ink art and the pencil sketches in every cell, very cool design and interaction. I truly dislike reviewers like TeeKJay who don't know what they are talking about - iPods can't display graphics like comics so he gives this a 1 star - what a loser, please don't give this review any credit - there's also the option to buy the physical comic book in case you can't shell out for an iPad. SeriousRushFan - you can access the Table of Contents, just like any other iBook, you must tap on the screen to have the TOC option pop-up at the top of the screen - a little tricky while in the comic book due to the cells being allowed to switch between B&W ink art and sketches but if you tap on the white framing area it will pop up. This also allows you the option to go back to your Library - so the only thing wonky here is your inability to use an iBook.
  • Worth it

    By Agatto71
    For the Rush fan, this is a must have. I found it hard to follow at first as I had always pictured it differently in my head all these years. I guess it's like reading the book before seeing the movie...the book is always better.
  • Book Navigation is wonky

    By SeriousRushfan
    I love Rush and I love comics!! This content is great but I found navigation confusing. I was exploring the iBook before reading and got stuck in the comics section because there was no way to return to the table of contents. I hand to flip backwards to get to the beginning. iBooks just does not do comics well.
  • Unfair.

    By TeeKJay
    I've been a Rush fan since this album came out. The album has been in my collection - from vinyl to cassette to CD to digital - since it was issued. There are many of us who can't afford an iPad because we have other things we need to spend our money on (food, rent, clothing, gas, etc.). Couldn't you come up with an iPod version of this book, so all Rush fans can enjoy this. Just saying ...