Bloodline (Paranormal Romance, Dark & Twisted) Saving Demons Series Book 1

Bloodline (Paranormal Romance, Dark & Twisted) Saving Demons Series Book 1

By Shannon K Brown

  • Release Date : 2013-03-23
  • Genre : Paranormal
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Score: 4.0
From 22 Ratings
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Bloodline (Paranormal Romance, Dark & Twisted) Saving Demons Series Book 1 WARNING: Because of the abuse Luna endures and the demonic behavior of Lucifer’s sons, BLOODLINE and the rest of the SAVING DEMONS SERIES may be disturbing to most readers. If you are looking for a warm, fluffy read, BLOODLINE is definitely not for you!
What some people are saying about Bloodline:
D.G. Colorado
5 Stars
"A very captivating and mysterious read. I read alot of books on health, finances, etc. I find myself picking up Shannon’s book to read a little first and I never get to my other books as I am drawn right into the story with a hungry anticipation of what's going to happen heart even races sometimes I get so involved. I stay up much too late as I have to force myself too lay it down. Love the way each chapter goes to the characters lives, makes you feel as if you are truly involved yourself! Shannon has such a marvelous imagination!!! A MUST read!!!!"

P.M., Alabama
5 Stars
"Oh wow! Took me to places I never imagined! I love the way the characters came alive with each new chapter. It was hard for me to put the book down. With anticipation waiting... waiting... to find out what's going to happen NEXT? A great read. 5 stars"

S.W. ND, 5 Stars
"I really like the story line. The way Shannon K Brown paints a picture by describing the sights, and feelings of the things happening to Luna is AMAZING!!!! I can really feel like I’m right there. I really like the struggle between Bane and Ashmodai for Luna’s soul. To me it really hits home with the struggle between good and evil that live in us all. I have really enjoyed reading Bloodline and cant wait to start book 2!!! Shannon K Brown is truly an AUTHOR!!!! 5 Stars"
Sure I fell in love with Lucifer’s son, but so what? Worse things have happened, believe me! Like the time my demonic father nailed my palms to a cross, or the time I shoved a dagger into my breast, sacrificing myself for The Coven of Hallows in order to save my best friend. Yup, worse things have definitely happened.
But I’m here to tell you, loving Bane, one of Lucifer’s four angelic sons is not easy! Especially since he and his brothers are bound to The Coven of Hallows and the only way they can escape them is if the Lanchester blood runs dry. I just so happen to be Luna Lanchester, the last of my bloodline. And this kind of puts me in a predicament. Four immortal demons want me dead. This puts Bane in a predicament too. He has a decision to make. He can deny his love for me, murder me and be free from The Coven, or he can protect me from his hellish brothers, be forever bound to the coven, and suffer his father’s wrath.
Because of the blood-tie that enables Lucifer’s sons to have access to my mind, I am about to be attacked from within by some pretty malevolent forces. The entire Coven of Hallows wants my blood. Not to mention, Rune, Bane’s sadistic brother, has made a horrible fetish of biting me. But I am not afraid (insert mental eye-roll), for I am a warrior. A descendent of the most fearsome warriors this earth has ever seen. I will kick all their evil butts!
At least, that’s my plan, anyway